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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 22, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> for all of us here, thanks for your time. welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking now. what we've just learned about the gunman behind the terror right across our border. the deadly shooting rampage. gunfire inside parliament. the canadian prime minister rushed away from the chaos. the u.s. embassy on lockdown. and the threat here in the u.s. tonight. what the fbi is now saying. exploding airbags. the stunning new advice tonight for hundreds of thousands of american drivers. what authorities are now telling some drivers. keep passengers out of the front seat? disable your airbag? is your vehicle on the list? the autopsy. what it reveals about the unarmed teen shot by police outside st. louis. what the report now suggests about the moments before he was shot. and, liftoff. our exclusive with matthew mcconaughey and the cast of "interstellar" tonight.
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testing the boundaries of real science and our place in the universe. what they reveal, right here tonight. good evening and we begin with the fear and chaos just across our border tonight. a day of terror in the canadian capital. and at this hour, the suspect behind it. was he a convert? was he doing this for isis? look at the map this evening. this all happened just 60 miles north of the border in the capital of ottawa. the gunman opening fire at a memorial for soldiers first. then storming parliament. and listen to what plays out in the hallways there. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: the prime minister raced to safety. the u.s. embassy under lockdown. chairs piled up, barricading doorways. a terrified city. tonight, what the fbi is now saying about the threat right here at home. we have team coverage and new information on the suspect and his motives.
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but we begin with abc's dan harris on the ground in ottawa tonight. dan? >> reporter: david, good evening. the shooting happened just down the street behind me. much of this area still on lockdown as police conduct what they call an active and dynamic operation at this hour. this has been a day of terror in this normally quiet city and it all started this morning. >> gunshots. everybody out. >> reporter: running for cover, panic in the halls of parliament and on the city streets. police rushing to reports of shootings across the city, all within less than a mile. the fear? a series of coordinated attacks. the violence starting at canada's national war memorial. just before 10:00 a.m., nathan cirillo, a soldier on duty in ceremonial uniform, shot dead by a gunman. some bystanders rushing to help him, others in shock. >> third shot and fourth shot and then he just took off. >> i yelled at all my guys, "there's a guy shooting, so, everyone, get down, get down."
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>> get out of the way! >> reporter: police, guns drawn, hunting for the shooter. >> we may have multiple patients. one soldier has been hit. >> reporter: then, within minutes, another attack. this time, inside a packed parliament building, just steps away. [ gunfire ] lawmakers scrambling for cover. dozens of shots, echoing through the halls. [ gunfire ] reporter josh wingrove holding onto his camera through it all. >> we heard gunshots come up from there and sort of ducking my head down the hall. we saw the smoke from gunfire. you could smell it almost instantly. >> reporter: members of parliament barricading doorways with chairs and tables. police swarming rooftops, sweeping the government complex. some workers huddling in the dark. others scrambling to safety. canada's prime minister, stephen harper, was rushed away. the rampage in parliament finally ending when sergeant at
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arms kevin vickers shoots and kills the gunman. tonight, abc news learned he is canadian michael zehaf-bibeau. when it was all over, lawmakers were stunned. >> it was kind of a day that changes everything. >> reporter: but the chaos isn't over. >> get against the wall right now. >> reporter: the fear, another gunman, potentially on the loose. >> to your left, out of the way! >> reporter: blocks away, people are ordered off the streets and away from windows. police swarming the city center. >> get alongside of the building. hug the building. >> reporter: ushering citizens to safety. by late afternoon, much of the heart of the city, still on lockdown. you can tell we are in an area that is going through an emergency. we're seeing ambulances, paramedics and just police all over the place. most of the street's blocked off. this evening, the three people that have been sent to the hospital have the been discharged as this nation mourns that murdered soldier. canada tonight on high alert. at times during the day, police thought there may have been more than two sheeting l ingshooting.
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they thought there may have been a shooting at a local shopping center. now they believe it was just at the war memorial and in parliament. the big outstanding question, though, police will not say at this hour whether they think there was more than one gunman. david, back to you. >> dan harris, leading us off tonight. the team is right here this evening. martha raddatz and brian ross. and brian, the big question here, was this suspect doing this for isis? >> reporter: well, david, tonight, canadian and u.s. officials are searching for clues online and in criminal and travel records about the suspected shooter, described as 32 years old and a recent convert to islam. the big question is, whether he is one of the 90 or so canadian citizens under active investigation or surveillance as possible isis terrorists. and whether others may be planning follow-on attacks. just two days ago, one of those 90 canadians, who boasted of his ties to isis and had his passport revoked, was shot dead in quebec after he used his car to run down two canadian soldiers in uniform, killing one of them.
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>> what took place yesterday is clearly linked to terrorist ideology. >> reporter: authorities say so many canadians have gone to syria to join isis that they have even created their own recruitment videos with iconic canadian scenes. >> before islam, i was like any other regular canadian. i watched hockey. >> reporter: canadians have been seen burning their passports and carrying out brutal murders. and the internet has been full of isis propaganda videos with calls to kill canadians, along with other allies of the united states. using whatever weapons are available. said one leader, "kill him in any manner or way, however it may be." >> the dangerous part of this is, when you see one attack, it tends to crop up several others. >> reporter: so more in canada might be expected? >> i would not be surprised at all if there are more in canada and across the west in general. >> reporter: a confidential u.s. homeland security report issued just yesterday and obtained by abc news says with the increased efforts to stop isis sympathizers from heading to syria, more such low-tech
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attacks are to be expected. david? >> all right, so authorities are expecting more of these possibly. brian, thanks. and martha, you reported that the fbi had a warning days ago, saying perhaps isis had given specific instructions. >> reporter: this came out on october 11th. and listen to this. they said, an isis audio recording urged sympathizers to target police, soldiers and intelligence officers. it's the homegrown extremists that the fbi and others are so worried about. people who might follow isis, they might not even believe in what they believe in but they just want to be part of a group. and of course, the u.s. embassy up there, locked down today, as well. >> all right, martha raddatz, brian ross and dan harris in canada tonight. our thanks to you all. we're going to turn now to a developing headline we've been following all week here. the danger of exploding airbags in many cars across america. defective airbags. authorities say they can deploy like an ied in your front seat. tonight, at least two carmakers suggesting you should get your airbag disabled. one carmaker saying you should
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keep passengers from the front seat. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it is a remarkable move by toyota, telling nearly 250,000 consumers, if it runs out of replacements, it will disable your airbag. and, warning that motorists keep the passenger seat empty until a new bag is installed. tonight, gm is going to send a similar letter. this, after another 3 million cars, bringing the total to nearly 8 million, which should urgently have airbags replaced. that's the second correction of the numbers by the feds who are telling drivers to go to their website to see if their car is effected, but the website isn't working. what's going on here? >> that's the big question. nhtsa is the safety authority. they should get the message right. they should understand the facts. >> reporter: the problem with the airbags is the inflater's explosive deployment. it can send metal shards flying. at least four deaths are linked to the airbags. others have been injured. >> i knew my ear was bleeding.
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>> reporter: angela barbosa says her recall notice came after her 2012 accident near dallas in which shards injured her and cut up the bag. >> still makes me angry, just thinking about the people that are driving currently right now. >> reporter: the airbags were made by the japanese company takata. and now 11 carmakers are recalling and replacing those bags. david, this is my car. it's on the recall list. for those quarter million toyota and gm vehicles, if they don't have a replacement, they're going to put a sticker right here on the passenger side that says, "don't sit here until you get a new airbag." david? >> all right, david kerley, his own car on the recall list there. david, thank you. we're going to turn now to the extreme weather tonight and that tropical depression in the gulf, triggering floods. take a look. in texas, this is a suburban street. you can see the street sign there. water stretching to the horizon. and there in the sunshine state, flood waters lapping the cars windshields. abc chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking it all for us tonight. ginger? >> reporter: an abundance of moisture in the gulf. especially south florida. we've been talking about. and that tropical depression
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will be tracking to the east, going over the yucatan peninsula. should not become a storm, but either way, will add even more moisture for the keys and very south florida. the other big story we're watching tonight, that nor'easter. pumping some of the moisture back. flood watches from boston up through maine and you can see why. some of the heavy rains could top three, even five inches. i've seen pictures of trees down throughout massachusetts. some gusts tonight over 50 miles per hour. >> all right, a windy night ahead. ginger, thank you. a major headline out of ferguson, missouri, this evening. the autopsy results now published for michael brown. the unarmed black teen gunned down by police. abc's steve osunsami with what the report might reveal about the moments before the shooting. >> reporter: the full county autopsy report published in "the st. louis post dispatch" shows that michael brown had marijuana in his system, and that he suffered one of nine gunshot wounds while he was either in or alongside officer darren wilson's police suv. that's important, because police have been arguing that brown violently fought with wilson
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inside the vehicle and went for the officer's gun, after wilson told brown and a friend to get out of the street. according to the autopsy, brown's tissue fragments were found on the exterior surface of the police officer's motor vehicle. it's yet another leak in the investigation, suggesting that a grand jury here looking into the shooting death may end up siding with the police officer. in a statement today, brown's family says this still doesn't explain why wilson kept firing at their son, "and killed him even though he was more than 20 feet from his patrol car." police are bracing for more fights with demonstrators. >> this is the chains being broken, this is the fight back. >> reporter: the grand jury's decision could come down next month. steve osunsami, abc news atlanta. >> steve, thank you. and we are also following the breaking news on ebola tonight. word that nurse amber vinson, the second dallas nurse, tonight doctors announcing that after just ten days, they can no longer detect any ebola in her body. she was the nurse who flew from cleveland to dallas. meantime tonight, passengers coming to america from the hot
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zone facing extraordinary new measures. abc's gio benitez with what they'll be forced to do. >> reporter: it's another scare at one of the nation's busiest airports. a traveler rushed to the hospital after landing at newark international with a fever. today, initial tests confirming he does not have ebola. but the frenzy, a sign of the fears still surrounding this deadly disease. and tonight, the cdc telling abc news, it will now monitor all passengers from the three ebola-affected countries in west africa. travelers will be given this ebola care kit with a thermometer, forms for recording temperatures and a detailed symptom card. and they'll be required to check in daily for 21 days. passengers traveling from those three countries, 150 a day on average, now only allowed to fly into five u.s. airports. jfk, newark, dulles, atlanta and o'hare. those airports conducting
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thorough checks like this, to make sure passengers don't have symptoms when they get off that plane. and here at newark, travelers will be monitored starting monday. and if they don't check in with the cdc every day, we're told authorities will take immediate steps to go find them. david? >> gio, thank you. and a remarkable image tonight. we told you last night here, that u.s. air force jet, the american flag there on board, american jeffrey fowle heading home from north korea. detained there nearly six months after leaving a bible in his room. well, this image. fowle reuniting with his family in ohio, his three children running to him. tonight, fowle's family saying they are grateful for god's protection these past six months. we loved seeing that. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. and look at this. parents behaving badly. the punishment handed out, not to them, but to their children now. and the drastic move to keep parents in line at sporting events. would you go along with it? we want your opinion. also, there is news coming in tonight about ray rice, suspended indefinitely after this video showing him hitting his now wife.
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xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. next tonight here, the new headline after that high school hazing scandal making national headlines. the head coach and four staff members in sayreville, new jersey, suspended indefinitely. the season canceled. seven players accused of sexually assaulting and hazing younger teammates. and in the west tonight, it's not the young players, but the parents now in hot water. here's abc's neal karlinsky with the pictures. >> reporter: football at its most innocent. 9 and 10-year-olds near seattle in a junior league match-up. but watch the edge of the field in this video, given to us by police. parents from opposite sides begin to argue, then a full-on brawl breaks out.
5:47 pm
the stands begin to clear as parents from both sides come rushing in. >> just total chaos at that point. >> reporter: amazingly, while the parents are fighting, a child is lying on the field with a broken arm. it is the ugly side of children's sports. overly aggressive parents across the country behaving badly. a father shoving a boy during a wrestling match. this mom yelling at a ref during a hockey game. a screaming match during basketball. to head all this off, in some parts of the country, they have something called silent saturdays. rules to keep parents quiet so the kids can play in peace. in seattle, two parents face assault charges and both teams are now losers, as well. kicked out of the championship playoffs because of their parents. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> neal, thank you. when we come back, what espn is now reporting about suspended football star ray rice. actress renee zellweger now speaking out after the side-by-side that many are talking about tonight. and big news this evening
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(breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks. anytime. our "instant index" tonight. ray rice back in the news. the nfl star suspended indefinitely after that explosive video seen dragging his then fiance off that elevator. tonight, espn now reporting rice is filing a grievance against the ravens for cutting him from the team. little league star and now the big new ad from director spike lee. pitcher mo'ne davis, check it out. >> i throw 70 miles per hour. that's throwing like a girl. >> we loved seeing the ad. she was paid and there were a lot of questions afterward. would it make her ineligible to play college baseball, according to ncaa rules? well tonight, officials say it will not impact her ability to play and we loved hearing that. and renee zellweger weighing in this evening. so much talk about her transformation. the before and after there. well, now zellweger is saying she's living a different, happy, more fulfilling life and she's happy it shows. and, you remember the dog who stole the show and a lot of hearts jumping up on that weatherman. we loved the dog.
5:52 pm
weather guy, too. tonight, ripple has a new happen. new family, dennis and susan paulson, from alberta canada, said they watched the clip and knew immediately ripple was the one. they said they're still working on his manners. when we come back here on a wednesday night, liftoff. our exclusive interview with matthew mcconaughey and the cast of "interstellar." what they revealed to us about this big new movie.
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and finally tonight he and finally tonight here, the new space thriller exploring the utter limits of real science. they turned to a theoretical physicist for help with the journey. tonight, our exclusive interview with matthew mcconaughey and the cast of "interstellar." and the conversation they hope to start about space. >> we used to look up in the sky and wonder at our place in the stars. >> reporter: matthew mcconaughey, a father and astronaut in the new movie "interstellar." the planet earth in peril. a cloud of dust over the baseball field. and this cast is pushing the outer limits of science. >> we got this far, farther than any human in history. >> not far enough. >> reporter: how many of you thought as a kid you'd be studying theoretical physics one day?
5:56 pm
>> not i. >> none of my science teachers. >> reporter: in the movie, these astronauts are in a race against time. against what little is known about the universe. do you think this will spark a conversation about the universe and our place in the universe? >> well, about the universe, yeah. the smallness, really, of our particular spot. >> reporter: how much did you rely on kip thorn? >> i relied on kip tremendously. >> reporter: kip thorn is a renowned american theoretical physicist who has long explored the far reaches of the universe. they turned to him with the script. >> i worked out the equations that would enable tracing of light rays as they traveled through the worm hole or around a black hole. so, what you see is based on einstein's general relatively equations. >> reporter: the director building parts of a spaceship. he's not a fan of green screens of effects. he wanted it to feel real for the actors. mcconaughey, in the movie, a father with a choice. when you won the oscar this last year, you were talking about your wife and your children. you say, the courage and
5:57 pm
significance you give me every day i go out the door -- >> is unparalleled. you are the four people in my life that i want to make the most proud of me. >> reporter: and i was thinking about your role in that movie. you go through that door. and so, i wonder how much did you draw upon your own role as a father? >> good question. good-bye and i'll be back is a promise that actually -- there is no guaranteed return ticket. i'm coming back. >> when? >> reporter: the original screenplay, it was a little boy. >> i turned murph into a girl. something about that seemed -- >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: which is why you're here. not only exploring space, but the american family and precious time lost. will we look back and wonder, did we miss time with our loved ones? >> i sure know i came out of the film looking -- taking inventory of my own life, my own
5:58 pm
relationships and saying, am i giving enough to them? >> reporter: there is a moment in the film when you appear to be very alone. >> so alone i immediately wanted to go out and find a comedy to act in. actually want to get there in one piece. >> hang on. >> reporter: what do you hope the conversation is with people when they walk out? >> the idea that there could be a 7-year-old kid and it inspires her or him to want to go into space and explore space. i think that's incredible. >> we loved our conversation with the cast. the thrill of space travel. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. >> >> the police association discouraging recruits from joining sjpd? one rider touched off a dispute >> an east bay technology company in hot water for bringing in overseas workers and barely playing them in rupees.
5:59 pm
>> gunfire in the canadian capitol the shots that has law enforcement on alert. >> and allegations of animal cruelty tonight against california's largest duck farm. an abc # news i team exclusive. >> here is the man who allegedly told san jose's new police officers to quit over the city pension plan. the mayor is asking for an investigation. >> a recruit says she was encouraged to quit on the first day on the job. it's become a case of high-stakes he said, she said. >> you said it. the friction between the mayor and police officer association
6:00 pm
president has never been higher, once recruited are they being encouraged to leave? >> here we have recruits ready to work. the first day of our job, we're being told we don't want you here. >> she says the message came from jim unland, president of the police officers association, who spoke at the police academy. in an article she sent, rivas wrote he told us it would be better for the department and us if we'd just quit. unland denies saying that. . >> i never told recruits to quit i've done this class several times, never have i told them to quit. what i tell them to do is concentrate on their studies. make sure they graduate. >> the mayor is calling for an investigation not only by the city but public corruption unit of the u.s. attorney's office. read and the poa locks horns for years over the


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